International Journal of Coronaviruses

International Journal of Coronaviruses

International Journal of Coronaviruses was launched because of the great need for a forum that publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed original research on all aspects of coronaviruses. The journal will provide a global platform for researchers to share their latest findings on all aspects of coronaviruses, from their molecular biology and pathogenesis to their epidemiology and clinical features. The journal is of interest to virologists, immunologists, and medical professionals working on the biology and pathogenesis of coronaviruses.  

Note: An Article Processing Charge (APC) is levied to authors to make a research work available open access in International Journal of Coronaviruses.

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International Journal of Coronaviruses is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed journal that helps disseminate original research work, having a unique aspect of covering many areas which contributes to providing an awareness of research studies of scientists around the globe.

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The International Journal of Coronaviruses was launched in 2020 with the main aim of bringing awareness about this new virus (COVID-19), which has created a great impact on the livelihood of the entire world. 

As time passes by COVID-19 changes its structure into many variants and continuous research is happening in the world. Recently a new variant BA.2.86.1—a child variant of the so-called Pirola strain is found. Many researchers are seeking the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to forecast the new variants of COVID-19 and its consequences. IJCV helps in bringing all the upcoming research in the form of unique articles in regular issues or special issues by covering the entire scope of COVID-19.

Detailed scope with relevant keywords is furnished in our journal scope.

Latest studies and research investigations on COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, and other variants of coronaviruses are made available online to prominent research investigators through our open-access platform named: “International Journal of Coronaviruses”.

View more information about the journal on our About page.

Submit your research within a few minutes and avail the user-friendly services provided by IJCV. You can use our straightforward Manuscript Submission Form or conveniently send articles via email to [email protected].


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International Journal of Coronaviruses publishes articles in the Gold Open Access Model so that the published article will be available online without any restrictions. Simply the article can be viewable, and downloadable for free so that the article will gain more recognition and citations in this model.

Articles on COVID-19 are published online after proper evaluation of the manuscript peer review process including plagiarism check, copyright issues, grammatical check, article format, peer review, editing, and publishing the final article online. All the mentioned processes incur some charges and those will be collected from the author in the form of Article Processing Charges or Membership Plans.


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International Journal of Coronaviruses also publishes “Special Issues” focussing on certain topics. Authors can also submit the articles in this issue, more details are found on our submit special issue page.

Interested researchers can also submit proposals to launch a special issue on Coronaviruses and COVID-19. Submitted proposals will be evaluated by our IJCV “Editor-in-Chief”, if the researcher proposal gets selected for launching in IJCV, they can gain more perks.

For more details and added perks visit our proposing a special issue page and you can also contact us at email.


Gathered highly qualified and experienced researchers in the field of coronaviruses and COVID-19 and established a strong editorial board to complete the peer review process and to start special issues on specific topics. IJCV not only reviews your work but also strives hard for the distribution of knowledge to the necessary organizations/personnel.



Editorial Board

International Journal of Coronaviruses - Intensive Care Medicine

Simegnew Kibret Wubetu

Kebele - 02, Debre Tabor. P.O.Box: 272, Debre Tabor, Ethiopia

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International Journal of Coronaviruses-Family medicine-Jose Luis Turabian

Jose Luis Turabian


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International Journal of Coronaviruses-Environmental healthEpidemiologySocio-economic status that affect healthMilitary ergonomics.-Rabiul Ahasan

Rabiul Ahasan

Rabiul Ahasan, Professor of King Saud University

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International Journal of Coronaviruses--Shimaa M. Motawei

Shimaa M. Motawei

Mansoura University

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